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Diaz Publicist is an advertising company created and founded by the businesswoman Diurka Diaz who has more than 20 years in the entertainment and music industry.

Diaz Publicist offers promotions and management to artists in different musical genres, offering them services of media tours, digital marketing, network management, public relations, and positioning in the different music playback platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music, in addition to providing the opportunity to live the experience of attending major international awards such as Premio Los Nuestro, Los Latin, and American Billboards, Latin Grammy, among others. 

Diaz Publicist currently manages a large portfolio of new local talent from New York, Florida, California, Canada, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Aruba, Panama, and Colombia.


Ellos me llaman (They call me ) Didi

I have been an advocate, activist, and spokesperson for the Latino community. I have been interviewed by the New York Times for the Science section of the renowned newspaper Telemundo 47, Univision 41, the New Post Newspaper, Bronxnext, among others.


My vast experience in the area has allowed me to organize large social events, manage artists, promote new talents, produce music videos, create the magazine "Spanglish Magazine," and attend great awards. of Latin music such as the Latin Grammy's, the Muse, Lo Nuestro, the Latin, and American Billboards, among others that have allowed me to create an artistic commercial relationship with great artists. 


I am proud to be the CEO of Diaz Publicist and the artistic manager of singer-songwriters Jhony-O, Sagamore, and also managing the careers of child artist Natty Bermeo and Radio host Arlyn Jakez. In the field of fashion, I collaborate with the designers Kamell Bencosme, Nime Jamal Couture, Ghisela Designs, Martin Polanco, and Henry Picado. 

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